Our Mission
Advanced Reservoir Geomechanics (ARG) is a geomechanical engineering consulting, specializing in the reservoir geomechanics applications to the oil and gas industry. Our service is based on technical fundamentals and we emphasize a scientific approach to address geomechanical problems in Oil and Gas. Our mission is to employ grounded knowledge of geomechanics, physics, and production data to generate advanced, practical, and useful solutions at efficient cost. 

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About Us

About Us

Our Team
The principal of ARG, Tony Freeman, is a geotechnical engineer by background with years of prior experience in geotechnical investigation and design. He attended the University of Alberta from 2005 to 2010 and after taking over 10 new courses mainly geared toward petroleum engineering, worked on his PhD research that was focused on the application of multiphysics modeling in reservoir geomechanics. He also presented a new concept of plasticity-based constitutive model for post-failure anisotropic permeability evolution and incorporated that into a fully coupled model of non-isothermal three-phase flow with inter-phase mass transfer and applied for well test analysis and SAGD enhancement. Other potential applications would be shale gas or CBM stimulation. He received NSERC PGS Scholarship and Walter John Graduate Fellowship during his PhD study. Since 2010, Tony Freeman has been practicing as Geomechanics Specialist and applying his learnings to a wide range of reservoir geomechanical applications including hydraulic fracture modeling, geomechanical interpretation of petrophysics and seismic data, 3D Finite Element and Distinct Element modelling, interpretation of regional stress measurements based on field tests, Discrete Fracture Network (DFN), advanced rock mechanics tests, and so on.

We recognize that most problems in petroleum geomechanics are multi-disciplinary in nature and require a diverse team of engineers and geoscientists. Furthermore, some projects or tasks could be labor intensive, time consuming, or demand additional resources such as specialized laboratory or field equipment. ARG’s talent and experience guarantees that right people for each project will be added to our team depending on each project's needs. The additional team members (if required) could differ in functionality from field technician or numerical modeler to principal reviewers and would be introduced to the client in the beginning of each project.